Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mailbox - Disable

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is very often purchased with a new contract or a contract renewal. Here it can be that a call diversion to the mailbox is set up automatically.

This means that all calls that are not answered by you will be forwarded to the voicemail. If you do not want this, you can of course deactivate the mailbox.

How this works in detail is explained step by step in the following instructions. This works for all common mobile phone providers.

Switch off the mailbox on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

1. To do this, first open the telephone app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

2. Now switch to the keypad and enter the following code using the numeric keypad:

  • ##002#

3. Afterwards you only have to tap the call button (green handset) once to send the code.

This will send the GSM network code. This will disable all call forwarding on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, including call forwarding to mailbox.

You now know a very simple and fast method to deactivate call forwarding to the mailbox on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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