Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N icon in status bar - Reason

You may sometimes see a new icon for you in the status bar, which may not have been displayed on your previous model.

In the case of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example, this could be an N icon. Here we would like to briefly explain the meaning of the N symbol on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If this symbol is visible, then it is an activated NFC connection. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is often used for data transmission over short distances.

For example, when paying with a smartphone at an NFC terminal at the checkout.

To hide the N symbol on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, simply deactivate NFC. This works as follows:

Drag the status bar from top to bottom

Tap the toggle with "NFC" to deactivate the NFC connection

Afterwards the N symbol disappears from the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

You now know what the N symbol stands for on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and also know how to deactivate it.

NFC also consumes battery power when enabled and not in use.


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