Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SAR Value - How High?

An important question that many smartphone buyers today are interested in is how high the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of a smartphone is.

If you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then the SAR value may also be a purchase factor here.

How high the SAR value is for the Samsung Galaxy Grade 9, we'll tell you below:

SAR values for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Overview

  • SAR value on the head: 0.27 W/kg
  • SAR value on the body: 0.76 W/kg

Note: The SAR values were measured by the American authority FCC. The values are given in watts per kilogram. This means that this radiation power affects your body when you wear the smartphone on your head or body.

The current limit value is max. 2 W/kg.

This value should not be exceeded, as otherwise it cannot be ruled out that the radiation will damage the tissue.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is far below this value, which is not surprising as Samsung often has low values to offer.

You now know the SAR value of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and also whether this value is harmful for you and your environment.

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