Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screenshot Methods - Explained

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you can save a screenshot of the display content displayed at that time. Therefore, a screenshot is often called a screenshot or a screen print.

Such a screenshot can be taken using different methods.

Below we have listed the most important screenshot methods for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Screenshot with keyboard shortcut

The most frequently used screenshot method among smartphone users is the one using keyboard shortcuts. For this you have to proceed as follows:

Press and hold the following two keys simultaneously for at least two seconds.

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume lower

This will now trigger a screenshot and save the displayed screen content in a photo.

Trigger screenshot by wiping - edge of hand

Another possibility offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is to take screenshots using a wipe gesture.

If the function under "Gestures" is activated, you just have to move the edge of your hand from left to right across the screen.

Where you can activate the setting on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we'll explain it to you now:

1. Open the App menu and then the settings. Continue on to "Advanced Functions" and then you will see when you scroll down a bit the option "Screenshot".

2. Activate this option now to make it possible to take screenshots by wiping.

3. Now place your hand edge vertically on the left or right edge of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 display.

Depending on your starting position, wipe the display once from left to right or right to left. You should now also have taken a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Use S Pen for screenshot

Use the stylus to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You have to use it as follows.

Pull the S Pen out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and select the "Screenshot note" in the "Air Command" menu.

This will now immediately create a screenshot. Interesting is that the editor will open immediately to edit this screenshot.

If you have added your notes etc., then you only have to tap on "Save" to save the screenshot.

Can I record a screenshot by tapping the screen? Double Tap?

Many users who switch from another manufacturer to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are used to taking a screenshot by double tapping on the screen. Is such a function also integrated in the settings of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This means that you must use the above methods to take a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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