Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Use MP3 as ringtone - How it works

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already some MP3 ringtones are installed in advance, but you would prefer to use your own MP3 ringtone, for example with your current favorite song.

If you don't currently know how to set an MP3 file as the active ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we'd like to explain this to you here:

First of all, you should copy the MP3 song you want to use as a ringtone on your smartphone and put it in a folder. Then you can choose from one of the two options:

Variant 1: Via the Android settings - Add ringtone

Open Android settings from the start screen. Here you will find the menu item "Tones & Vibration".  Touch this menu item and the corresponding submenu will open.

Here you can now select the "Ringtone" menu item. A list will now open in which all standard ringtones currently usable or contained on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are listed.

These are usually those already provided by Android, the mobile operator or Samsung. Own MP3 songs (including the song recorded during the preparation) on the smartphone are not yet included in this list.

To add a new MP3 ringtone, click on the "Add ringtone" button at the end of the list.

A window will now open with "Finish with" - Select "Sound selection" here and the corresponding window will open. In this window you can now see all songs and sounds stored in MP3 format on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This also includes the song that you have copied on your Note 9 at the beginning. Now select the MP3 song that you want to use as the active ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If you have marked this, it will now be played, so that you can check whether this MP3 file is suitable for ringtone use.

Variant 2: Via the Android settings - Create folder structure

You can also create a new directory structure on the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Micro memory card, in which the MP3 ringtones are then stored.

Please create the following directory structure:

  • Root directory/media/audio/alarms (folder for alarm tones)
  • Root directory/media/audio/ringtones (folder for ring tones)
  • Root directory/media/audio/notifications (folder for notifications)

The folders are for alarm tones, ring tones and notification tones (also text messages).

Now move your ring tones in MP3 format into the folder "ringtones". 

If you have moved the ringtones to the MP3 folder, please restart your smartphone. They will now be displayed in the list of available ringtones.

You now know two methods to add MP3 ringtones to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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