Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Waterproof? Solved!

Many smartphones today are protected against water ingress, so you're sure to want to know if the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof.

Because if the device is waterproof, it has quite a few advantages. For example, it doesn't matter if the device falls into a pool, pond, sink or toilet for a short time.

The answer to the question whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof we would like to give you here:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is waterproof and meets the IP68 standard. What does that mean exactly?

This means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is protected against dust and fresh water to a depth of 1.5 meters and a maximum dwell time of up to 60 minutes.

So you are well prepared if your smartphone should fall into the water. Also the use outside in the rain is of course no problem.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not suitable for underwater photos. Here the danger is too high that water will enter the housing.

But maybe a beach bag is something for you. It is waterproof to a depth of 3 meters:

You now know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof and thus protected against water penetration according to the above criteria.

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