Samsung Galaxy S7 App Icons too big - Solution

There are several modes on the Samsung Galaxy S7 which should make life easier for the user. This also includes the "Simple Mode". This reduces the optical design and enlarges your app symbols and icons.

So if you notice very large icons on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and a reduced function of the interface, deactivate the "Simple Mode". This works as follows:

Reduce App icons by deactivating the simple mode

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Scroll to the page with the icon "Settings" on the Home screen and tap it

2. Scroll down in the settings menu to "Display" and select the entry. Search for "Simple Mode" here

3. You can now switch from "Simple Mode" to the "Standard Mode" of Samsung Experience

4. After you have set the marker, tap "Ok" The TouchWiz interface should now be displayed as you are used to with Android smartphones.

You have successfully deactivated the simple mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and reduced the size of the app icons.


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