Samsung Galaxy S8 charger gets extremely hot - solution

When charging the Samsung Galaxy S8, it can happen that the power supply, which is plugged into the socket, gets very hot very quickly.

If you want to prevent this, please check the following parameters or the following prerequisites.

It is possible that power supplies from other manufacturers are incompatible and do not deliver the required performance.

This will cause the power supply to get hot.

Only use original Samsung charger cable

Samsung Galaxy S8

It is also possible that a charger cable is used, which is intended for lower currents and therefore should not be used for fast charging with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Again, it is best to use the original charging cable.

Deactivating quick charging

Quick charging causes a larger amount of power to flow through the AC adapter and charging cable to your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery. Try deactivating the quick charge feature and then check that it doesn't cause the AC adapter to get hot.

Open the menu from the start screen and then the following submenu:

  • Settings --> Device maintenance --> Battery

In this submenu you must now tap on the symbol with the three dots at the top right and then select "Advanced settings".

In the section "Recharge" you will now find the desired option. Deactivate now: Quick charging via cable.

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