Samsung Galaxy S8 How do I use the T9 keyboard - solved

Many of you probably still know the T9 keyboard of mobile phones with fixed keys in 3x4 design. Of course this includes the good old Nokia models like the 3210 and so on. T9 comes from "Text on 9 keys. Why then 3x4 keyboard?

It counts only the keys, on which letters are contained. There are 6 of them. The additional keys are 0,* and #.  This results in 9 keys, of course.

So if you want to use the T9 keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S8 to write text, please proceed as follows:

Use T9 keyboard instead of QWERTZ layout on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Starts from the start screen and then opens the App menu and further the settings of the Android operating system.

2. Then it goes on to "General Administration" and "Language and Input"

3. From there it navigates on:

  • On-screen keyboard --> Samsung keyboard

4. Here you can now select the entry "German" under "Languages and Types".

Then you can choose between two different keyboard types:

  • 3x4 Keyboard

5. Now marks 3x4 Keyboard to use T9 on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

You can now write your messages with T9 just like in the good old days.

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