Samsung Galaxy S8 No Bluetooth connection with car – Solved

If you want to pair and connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 with your car's hands-free kit, this can become a problem. Especially if the car does not recognize the smartphone via Bluetooth or vice versa. Don't worry, one of our following tips will help you here:

Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn't connect to car handsfree via Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy S8

Update the firmware of your car

For many cars, but especially BMW, Audi and VW it is important to update the firmware of your hands-free phone. This can usually be done via USB or even directly via the built-in sim card in the vehicle. The new firmware then contains the Bluetooth connection information for the new smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Decouple hands-free

To do this, please open the Samsung Galaxy S8 menu and open the settings. Now tap on "Connections" and then on "Bluetooth". Now activates Bluetooth if it has not yet happened. In the "Coupled Devices" section, tap on the cogwheel symbol on your car's hands-free kit.

In the next step, select "Decouple". Your car speakerphone has now been decoupled. Now it must be reconnected again. Proceed as usual.

Activate Bluetooth before entering the car

It is important that you always activate Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy S8 before you enter your car. When the car key is turned around and the system is activated, the system checks whether Bluetooth devices are nearby. With some Bluetooth hands-free kits, this search does not take place later (after starting the car and a short drive). Sometimes it can also help to switch off the entertainment system, in which the Bluetooth hands-free system is often integrated, and then switch it on again.

Reset Bluetooth

To do this, please open the following submenu from the start screen:

Home screen --> App Menu --> Settings -->Apps

Now tap on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Show system applications". Search for “Bluetooth” and open the System-App.

Now type "Force Stop" and then tap the entry "Memory". The following button must now be pressed one after the other to delete data:

  • Empty cache

Restarts the S8 and then try to reconnect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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