Samsung Galaxy S8 Prevent from activating the display when charging - Solved

Whenever you hang the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the charger or place it on the QI induction charger, the screen will activate and the display will light up.

Depending on how long you have set the display timeout, the display will glow longer or shorter.

Very annoying, especially if you want to charge your smartphone in the dark. The question you have to ask yourself now is:

Can you deactivate the activation of the display when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is charging?

Samsung Galaxy S8

Unfortunately, you can't disable this in the Samsung Galaxy S8 settings. Such an option has not been integrated. You can at most take the following measures to reduce the glow if you connect the device with the charger cable:

Set the timeout as low as possible - Shorten the duration of the illumination

The lower you set the timeout time, the shorter the display will glow after connecting the charger cable or connecting it to the QI induction charging station.

Whether Samsung will bring another update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 here, which prevents the display from lighting up when connected to a charging station,

That will become apparent. From our point of view, this feature won't come that fast, because the problem exists at least since the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Should there be any news here, we will keep you up to date.

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