Samsung Galaxy S8 Read out Battery Condition - Solution

The battery of a modern smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be recharged about 750 times until it shows its first weaknesses and no longer delivers full performance.

However, you don't count every single charge, but want to know this information sometime, when you have the feeling that the battery doesn't work so well anymore. And this is exactly where our tip comes into play:

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you want to know how much capacity your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery still has available, you can use an app from the Google Play Store to read it out. 

This app is called "Phone Info". In the following we describe you how the condition of the battery can be measured with it: Read available battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S8

1. First download the app "Phone info" from the Google Play Store

2. Once the app is installed, please open it

3. Change to the tab "Personal" and you will see at the end of the page:

  • Battery Discharge Cycle (number of deep discharges - where the device has switched itself off)
  • Battery Health (available capacity of the battery - with the S8 should be possible in the new state 3000mah)

4. Check now with "Battery Health" how the status of your battery is.

This should be nearly 100% when the device is new. After one year the value can be already at 95%.

This is quite normal and has only few effects in everyday use. You now know how to check the battery condition of the Samsung Galaxy S8 relatively quickly.


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