Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker defective? - Performing the test

If you open the music player or another app with sound output on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you may not hear any sound from the phone's speakers. If you have also checked the volume settings and set them to maximum and still can't hear any sound, it's time to test the Samsung Galaxy S8 speakers.

 Because there could be a defect. To test the speakers, please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the phone app and then the keypad

2. Change to the keypad and enter the following code:

  • *#0*#

This code will now display a service menu.

3. You will now see various tiles, each with different functions and information. Now select the tile "Speaker". Now a sound output should take place directly and a song should be played.

If you don't hear any sound here, the Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker is probably defective. If you can hear the song perfectly through the speakers of the smartphone, then it works and there is an error on the software side.

You now know how to check the Samsung Galaxy S8's speaker for function.



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