Samsung Galaxy S8 Switch network mode - Instructions

The network mode can be used to determine in which mobile network the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be. Usually this setting is set to "Auto", which means that the Samsung Galaxy S8 automatically switches to the best available network.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. So a change into the 2G network can take place faster than necessary, because there the network strength is better.

Nevertheless, you could use the 3G network if you could decide that the Samsung Galaxy S8 should only connect to it. Exactly that works in the network mode.

Here you can make this selection. Where to find the setting on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can find out here in our article:

Change network mode - How it works on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. First open the app menu from your start screen and then the settings

2. From there go to "Connections" and "Mobile Networks"

3. In this submenu you can now see "Network mode". Select the entry. Now a menu appears, in which various options or connection modes are available.

  • 4G / 3G / G / Auto
  • 3G / 2G / Auto
  • Only 3G
  • Only 2G

4. Now select a mode The following are popular:

  • Only 3G --> Use this option if you get a worse network assigned automatically, but need a fast Internet connection
  • Only 2G --> Use this option if a better network with a weak signal is selected automatically. This mode is especially suitable for phone calls because the voice quality in the GSM network is very good

You now know how to easily change the network mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and thus benefit from a better Internet connection or better voice quality for phone calls.

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