Samsung Galaxy S8 WhatsApp LED Color Wrong – Tip

On the Samsung Galaxy S8 you can adjust the LED notification light in various apps. This is also the case in WhatsApp. Many users have set the color to green, which means that the LED flashes green every time a new WhatsApp message is received.

However, it may be that the colour is no longer green, but perhaps white or blue. The reason for this is different, but often a firmware update or a WhatsApp update is the reason. With the following tip, however, you can correct the error very quickly:

WhatsApp Notification LED Color incorrect


1. Open the WhatsApp app by tapping on the three item icon in the upper right corner and selecting "Preferences" from the drop-down menu

2. Tap on the three item icon in the upper right corner and then select "Reset Notifications" from

3. When a new message arrives in WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy S8, a flashing green LED will tell you immediately without having to take your phone out of standby.


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