Samsung Galaxy S9 Android temperature reading of battery and CPU

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has various sensors, which are not directly visible in everyday life or can be addressed. This includes, for example, the temperature sensor for the battery and the CPU or processor.

This data can be interesting under certain circumstances, especially if you have the feeling that your smartphone is getting very hot. For this reason we would like to explain here how to read the temperature of the battery and CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9

We recommend that you download the "Phone Info" app to your smartphone. This is a diagnostic software for Samsung smartphones:

If you have installed the app on the Samsung Galaxy S9, then it switches to the "Monitor" tab.

Here you can see the current battery temperature and the processor temperature.  Note: If the battery temperature is significantly higher than the processor temperature for a longer period of time, this means that something is wrong.

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9 and wait about 10 minutes. Place the unit in a cool place (no refrigerator or similar). Then restart the smartphone and check how the temperatures are behaving.

In case of doubt the following article will hopefully help you to solve the error with the temperature.


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