Samsung Galaxy S9 App Symbols much Too Large - How to Reduce?

If you notice with your Samsung Galaxy S9 that the app icons are much too big, then you probably think about how you can reduce them. But it's often not that easy. Why?

The app icons are so big because "Simple Mode" is enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S9. In this mode the design is reduced so that the operation is as simple as possible. For this reason, the app icons are also very large. To reduce the size of the app icons, you have to deactivate the simple mode.

Samsung Galaxy S9

This works as follows:

1. Scroll on the Home screen to the page with the icon "Settings" and tap it

2.Scroll down in the Settings menu to "Display" and select the entry. Search here for "Simple Mode"

3. You can now switch from "Simple Mode" to the "Standard Mode" of Samsung Experience

4. After you have set the marker, tap "Ok" The change will take a moment. After that you will see the interface "normal" again, i.e. with reduced app icons.

You now know how to reduce the size of the app icons on the Samsung Galaxy S9 if they are too large. Extra tip: You can make the app icons even smaller by resizing the start screen grid. You can find out how to do this here.