Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Photos Blurred – Tips

If you take a photo with your Samsung Galaxy S9 with the main camera or the selfie camera (front camera), then it can be that the taken photos are blurred or blurred. This is not always immediately related to a defect.

Often the reason for a bad picture can be quite simple. Here we show you what you have to pay attention to, what you can do on the software side and how to check the camera module for a defect.

Tips when the Samsung Galaxy S9 takes blurry and blurry photos

Samsung Galaxy S9

Camera lens of the Galaxy S9 is dirty

Mostly you have a dirty camera lens. By the natural grease film of your finger the lens can be wetted when you hold the device in your hand or pull it out of your pocket. This leads to photos and videos that are blurry, milky or blurry. Wipe the lens with a cloth or your T-shirt just before shooting.

Wrong camera mode activated on Samsung Galaxy S9

If you are in expert mode of the camera app (Pro Mode), it is possible that it is set to manual focus. This means that the camera does not focus automatically. We recommend that you select the "Auto" camera mode and then check whether the camera focuses again. In this mode, focusing is automatic and blurred images should no longer occur.

Camera autofocus defective

Unfortunately, the camera focus of your Samsung Galaxy S9 may be defective. This may have been triggered, for example, by a fall or something similar. To prevent this from being due to the software, the camera should be tested via the secret service menu of the device.   Open the Service Menu on the Samsung Galaxy S9 If you have the Service Menu open, please touch "MegaCam".

Here the camera is loaded with a simple driver. If everything works in this test, then your camera is fine and it's up to the camera app.

Autofocus jammed

Sometimes the autofocus of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can get jammed. What can help here is tapping the smartphone carefully in the hand. These gentle strokes can bring the autofocus back to work.  

We hope that one of the tips above has helped you to take nice sharp photos with the Samsung Galaxy S9 again.

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