Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Warning Errors - Tips and Advice

The Samsung Galaxy S9's camera usually runs without problems and takes beautiful photos and videos. However, it can also happen that suddenly and without notice these errors are shown on the display when you open the camera app: "Warning Camera Error"

The cause of this error can be very different.

From a software error to a technical defect, anything is possible. That's why we want to go into more detail about various causes and their solutions here.

We will also show you how to test whether the camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has a technical defect.

Tip 1: Restart Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

The solution is often quite simple. Therefore, please restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 once and test if this has fixed the camera error. If so, then background processes caused the camera to not respond properly anymore.

Tip 2: Reset camera app of Samsung Galaxy S9

If the restart didn't help, you have to reset the Android camera app of your Samsung Galaxy S9 now. This works with the Android application manager. To open it on your device, start from your Home screen and tap :

  • Menu --> Settings --> Apps --> Now search this list for the following entry: Camera

If you have found the entry, tap it and the app information will open. Under "Memory" you will find several buttons which you have to tap in the following order:

Delete empty cache

Note: No photos or videos will be deleted!

If you have touched the buttons one after the other, your Samsung Galaxy S9 will restart. After restarting the Samsung Galaxy S9 opens the camera app of Android again.

The camera error should now have disappeared and the camera should be fully functional again.

Tip 3: Test Samsung Galaxy S9 camera module for technical defect

To do this you have to open the service menu of your Samsung Galaxy S9. This can be done as described in the following instructions.

Here you will find the button "Mega Cam".

Tap this button and you will hopefully see a camera picture. If not, your camera module is defective. If the camera works correctly in this service test menu, everything is fine and there is a more serious problem with the Android camera app.

A Wipe Cache Partition or a factory reset can help if your camera is defective, take the return guarantee or warranty from your dealer or Samsung.

You now know what to do if the error "Camera error!" appears when opening the Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera App. Warning" appears.

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