Samsung Galaxy S9 Change color of status bar possible? Solved!

If you have selected a background image on your Samsung Galaxy S9, white in the upper area is very bright, then you may no longer be able to see the icons in the status bar correctly.

Because these are white or bright. And bright symbols on a bright background are not optimal.

Now you will ask yourself:

Is it possible to change the color of the status bar or the symbols on the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the settings?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

You can find the answer here: Unfortunately it is not possible with the current Android firmware or the Samsung Experience Launcher to adjust the color of the status bar or the symbols.

Such an option is not integrated. However, you can use the following two tricks:

Edit background image

Edit the light background image so that a dark area is at the top instead of a light one.

Use other launcher - Nova Launcher

Use another launcher where you can adjust the color of the status bar. One such launcher is the Nova Launcher, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Now you know that with the standard software of the Samsung Galaxy S9 it is not possible to adjust the color of the status bar or the symbols in it.

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