Samsung Galaxy S9 Display Overlay detected - Solved

There are several error messages on the Samsung Galaxy S9 that can suddenly appear on the display. For example, the following is possible here: "Display Overlay detected - To change this permission setting you must first deactivate display overlay via Settings --> Apps". 

What does this message mean and which setting in Android is responsible for it? We would like to explain this in more detail below:

Cause for "Display Overlay detected"

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

This error message is caused by so-called floating apps, such as Facebook Messenger. If you receive a message there, a round contact symbol appears somewhere on the screen.

In Android this means that you can move it (app, button, message box etc.) around.

Adjust settings at "Display Overlay detected"

To fix this message, you need to disable the app that is causing the error for the display overlay.

This works as follows:

1. Open the App menu and then the settings on your Android smartphone.

2.Now select "Apps" and tap the three-point icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select "Special access"

4. Go on to "Apps that can appear above others".

5. Here again tap on the Three dots symbol in the upper right corner and then on "Reset App Default".

Alternatively, you can disable the apps that you know are causing overlay problems, such as Facebook Messenger. Then restart the Samsung Galaxy S9.

This should resolve the problem with the error message "Display Overlay detected”.

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