Samsung Galaxy S9 Enable Master Synchronization - Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S9 synchronizes a lot of data in the background. Besides email, WhatsApp, Google Account etc. many other apps can synchronize data. However, this synchronization can be completely deactivated or deactivated via a main function.

This is the so-called "master synchronization". If master synchronization is disabled, many apps will no longer be able to receive data in the background, causing WhatsApp to stop receiving messages or e-mails, for example.

Reactivate Master Synchronization on Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

1. Drag the status bar with two fingers from above into the screen

2. Wipe right onto the second tab

3. You will now see a toggle with "Sync"

4. Activate this to activate or deactivate the master synchronization

You now know how to reactivate the master synchronization on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and thus synchronize content from the Internet again.


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