Samsung Galaxy S9 Find Wi-Fi MAC Address – Resolved

If you want to log in and authorize the Samsung Galaxy S9 to your wireless router at home using the device's MAC address, you may want to look for this address in the Android settings.

So that you don't have to search too long, we would like to explain where to find the MAC address on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

To locate the Wi-Fi MAC address of the Samsung Galaxy S9 for the W-Lan Router in Android first open the app menu from the start screen and then the settings of Android

Scroll down in the settings and select "Phone Info". Then navigate to "Status". There you will find the entry "W-LAN MAC address".  

This is the MAC address you need for your W-Lan router. You can now use this address to activate your Samsung Galaxy S9 within the W-Lan network at home.



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