Samsung Galaxy S9 full screen camera view - use 16:9

Open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S9, then you see black bars right and left next to the live camera image.

The reason for this is quickly explained. The camera shoots photos in 4:3 format with the factory settings. Since this photo format does not match the display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is clear. And so the black areas are created on the right and left.

Now you might ask yourself if you can use the camera in full screen view, i.e. 16:9 format. The answer is: Yes, use camera in full screen format 16:9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

First of all we want to draw your attention to the disadvantage. In 16:9 mode, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can only capture 9 megapixel images instead of 12 MP. If you don't mind, please follow these steps to activate full screen mode.

1. Open the camera app

2. Touch the icon with the cog wheel to open the settings

3. Now touch "image size" and then set the setting to "16:9 (9.1 M)" This will fill the entire screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 when taking photos.

You have a full screen, which can then be shown on the complete display of the smartphone. You now know how to set the camera to a full screen mode, 16:9.



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