Samsung Galaxy S9 Google Pay does not work - Tips

With Google Pay you can use the NFC function of your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone and pay cashless on the go. Various shops in Germany already support Google Pay and it is likely that more will be added.

Currently, the following stores support Google Pay:

If you have Google Pay installed on your Samsung Galaxy S9, then it may still not work or you cannot pay with it. If this is the case, then we have summarized various tips here for you that will help you to solve problems and errors with Google Pay:

Samsung Galaxy S9

If you have already tried the following tips all, then try our last tip on this page. This tip has helped most Samsung users so far!

Activate NFC

First of all, it is important that you activate NFC on your Samsung Galaxy S9. You can easily activate this option by dragging the status bar from top to bottom into the screen and then activating the corresponding toggle with NFC.

Once this is done, please check the following other causes for problems with Google Pay.

NFC reading error or NFC service stopped

This error message always appears on the Samsung Galaxy S9 if the smartphone's NFC chip cannot read the NFC tag correctly at the checkout. This means that the distance is too great or that something on your smartphone is isolating the NFC chip. Therefore, please check the following:

Is there a protective cover?

If so, please remove it and test again if Google Pay works.

NFC tag type not supported or New tag detected

If you receive one of the above error messages, it means that another NFC tag is nearby. Usually this is a credit card, which is stored in the mobile phone case.


If all this has not helped so far, then you should definitely restart the Samsung Galaxy S9. This already helps in many cases to solve problems with Google Pay. Because often background processes interfere with your smartphone.

Internet connection

An option that is not checked is whether a functioning Internet connection is available. Because often in shops insufficient mobile networks or mobile data connections are possible.

If necessary, switch your Samsung Galaxy S9 to another network mode.

Version up to date

Is your Google Pay up to date? Check this once via the Google Play Store. If not, Google Pay will update to the latest version. Most helpful solution

Change standard NFC method

With many Samsung Galaxy S9 you have to set the following option in the NFC settings for the standard NFC method:

  • Android operating system

Where you can find this setting exactly, we show you here:

  1. Open the settings and then connections
  2. Go on to "NFC and payment
  3. Now tap on the symbol with the three dots in the upper right corner and select "standard NFC method" in the menu box
  4. Now set the mark at "Android operating system" - done!

Google Pay should now work without any further problems and should not cause you any more problems.

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