Samsung Galaxy S9 graphic textures in games are displayed incorrectly – Reason

If you like to play a game on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or use a graphically complex app, you may notice that graphic textures are not displayed correctly. Either the objects appear simply black without any texture or the textures are convincing with stripes or pink spots.

This is rarely caused by a faulty graphics processor of the Samsung Galaxy S9, but rather by the following reasons for the faulty textures.

App not developed or not adapted to Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

Many apps currently on the market are not yet adapted to the new processor of Samsung Galaxy S9. It may take some time until games support it. Old games, however, which are no longer developed, will unfortunately no longer work properly on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Maybe there will be something like a compatibility mode for them in the future.

Error in the Samsung Galaxy S9 graphics card driver

Some graphics may not be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9 graphics driver. If the app is up to date, then it makes sense for Samsung to report it. Just use the Samsung Members App or the contact form on the Samsung website.

Unfortunately there is not much else you can do, except to check for new updates for the affected app or to install new firmware updates for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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