Samsung Galaxy S9 How can I change the type, color and size of the font?

If you want to change the font, the font color or the font size on the Samsung Galaxy S9 to make the smartphone even more individual, we would like to explain to you here exactly which options you have for this, or where you can make these settings in Android:

Font and font size

Samsung Galaxy S9

Please start Galaxy S9 on the Samsung from your home screen and then open the settings. From here, continue to "Settings" and then to the submenu:

Display -->Screen Zoom and Font

In this menu you can now vary the font size or adjust the font. A cool feature is that you can download additional fonts from the web. Please select "Download fonts".

Font color

The font color of your Samsung Galaxy S9 cannot be adjusted via Android. You will need to download a special app from the Google Play Store.

This is: HiFont

If you have loaded the app, various font colors can be selected. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9 may not support all available colors.

Here you definitely have to try around a little until you get the desired result.


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