Samsung Galaxy S9 How to activate Smart Stay - Solved

Smart Stay is an option on the Samsung Galaxy S9 that illuminates the screen for as long as you look at it with your eyes. It uses the Samsung Galaxy S9's front camera, which detects the position of the eyes.

A practical function, especially when you want to display something constantly, without touching the screen. Because only with Smart Stay the screen remains illuminated. (And without changing the screen timeout)

How to activate Smart Stay on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is explained below

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open the Android settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9

2. Select "Advanced features" from

3. Touch "Smart Stay" and touch the slider to activate the option For Smart Stay to work optimally on the S9 you should consider the following requirements:

  • Keep Smartphone upright and steady
  • Stay in a well-lit place
  • No direct sunlight
  • Front camera must not be used by another application

Now you know Smart Stay and how to use the option on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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