Samsung Galaxy S9 How to perform an OTA Update - Solved

Many tips on our site repeatedly read the term "perform OTA update". This technical term is always used in connection with a firmware update. In this case OTA stands for "Over The Air" and a download via W-Lan or mobile data.

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S9 downloads and installs the firmware update directly from a server. The opposite of OTA would now be the version via USB cable and an external PC, via which the smartphone is connected.

This works then only in combination with Smart Switch. How can I now perform an OTA update on the Samsung Galaxy S9? This works as follows:

Activate a mobile data connection on the smartphone, preferably W-Lan

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Tap on the icon for the App menu on the start screen or delete from bottom to top

2. Search and select settings

3. Scroll down the list until you see "Software update" - Select the entry

4. Here you will find the menu item "Download updates manually", which you can tap now.

If a new software update is available, select "Update now" to install it via OTA. The updated version will be downloaded immediately and can be installed afterwards.

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