Samsung Galaxy S9 How to remove Micro SD Memory Card safe - Solved

If you use a Micro SD Memory Card in your Samsung Galaxy S9 and want to remove it during operation, you should safely remove it.

You may already know this method from USB sticks and Windows. To avoid data loss, USB sticks and external hard drives must first be disconnected in the operating system before they can be removed from the USB port.

The same applies to the Micro SD memory card of the Samsung Galaxy S9, we would like to explain how you can easily remove the Micro SD memory card on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Securely remove the Micro SD card before removing it

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

1. From the Samsung Galaxy S9 start screen navigate to: Settings

2. From there, select "Device Maintenance" and then "Memory"

3. Then click on the three-point icon at the top right and then on "Memory Settings"

4. In the next submenu, you can now deactivate the SD card of your Samsung Galaxy S9

After the Micro SD card has been deactivated, it can be safely removed from the device. Use the supplied tool to open the Sim card / memory card slot.

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