Samsung Galaxy S9 How to transfer data from Old Smartphone

If you are looking for the fastest and most efficient way to transfer all your data from your old iPhone or Android smartphone to your new Samsung Galaxy S9, this guide will help you.

Move and transfer data from a smartphone with Android to the Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. First, download the transfer app "Smart Switch" from the App Store to your smartphones (the Samsung Galaxy S9 already has Smart Switch on board).

2. After installing the app, open the app on your "old" Android device.

3. Select either "USB Cable" or "Wireless", depending on how you want to transfer the data.

4. Now you have to select the entry "Send" on your "old" smartphone - On the Samsung Galaxy S9 please select "Receive".

5. Tap "Connect" - The two devices establish a wireless connection (or a cable connection via USB is detected)

You can now select which data to send from your old Android smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S9. After making the selection, tap Transfer. All data is now transferred from your old device to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Transferring data from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S9

Here's the easiest way to create a Google Account first. This can then be linked to your iPhone and the data such as contacts and calendar data can be synchronized there. Here's how it works: First, you need to create a Google Account if you haven't already done so. This can be done easily at

Transfer iPhone contacts, email and calendar data to the Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Pick up your iPhone and navigate to "Settings" --> "Mail, Contacts, Calendar".

2. Tap on "Add Account" and select "Microsoft Exchange" in the next step.

3. Enter the email address of your Google Account in the corresponding field. The same e-mail address must also be entered under "User name". The Google Account password is used to enter the Google Account password.

4.Tap on "Next" and enter "m. google. com" as server in the next step.

5. In the next step you can choose which data you want to synchronize with your Google Account. Select everything that is possible by pressing the knob.

6. Your iPhone data is now synchronized to your Google Account. Now take the Samsung Galaxy S9 and open it: Menu --> Settings --> Accounts --> Add an account

7. Type "Google" here and then enter the Gmail address and password of the account on which the iPhone data is stored. The synchronization of the data can then be started.

You have now successfully moved the contacts, mails and calendar entries from your iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Copying pictures and videos from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S9

To transfer pictures and videos from your iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S9, use your PC and the iPhone's data cable. Copy all the pictures and videos you saved on your iPhone to a folder on your PC's or Macs desktop.

Step 1 then connect the Samsung Galaxy S9 to your PC or MAC using a data cable.

Step 2: Now move the images and videos copied from your iPhone to your desktop to your new Samsung Galaxy S9.

You now know how to easily transfer the DAten of your old Android smartphone or iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S9. This means that all data can still be used with the new device.

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