Samsung Galaxy S9 Individual text message sound per contact

If you like to use the Samsung Galaxy S9 to send SMS messages and receive them, you may want to assign a special SMS sound to a favorite contact. So you can hear immediately whether it concerns that contact by means of the sound.

But how can you assign an SMS sound to a special contact on the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9

We actually wanted to write you a manual for this, where we will go into it step by step. Unfortunately Samsung didn't include this feature in his SMS messaging app anymore.

The only alternative that remains is to install an additional notification app for the Samsung Galaxy S9. For example the following app is a recommendation:

  • Zedge

We hope that Samsung will integrate this function again on the Samsung Galaxy S9, unfortunately we are not so sure that this will be the case again.

Because with a last update of the news app this feature was not integrated yet.


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