Samsung Galaxy S9 No Internet connection - Not registered on the network

If you try to connect to the Internet or make a phone call with your Samsung Galaxy S9 via the mobile data network, it may not be possible. If this error also occurs with your Samsung Galaxy S9, we have compiled a number of tips to help you solve the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Restart

Samsung Galaxy S9

First you should try to correct the error by restarting the Samsung Galaxy S9. To do this, press and hold the Power On/Off button. Then select "Restart" from the menu. Ready!

Activate GSM network mode

If the reboot does not solve the problem, please change the mobile network. Usually the Samsung Galaxy S9 uses LTE or 3G. But there is also the 2G network, also known as the "GSM network". This network operates on a different frequency and may not be affected by interference. Set the network mode on the Samsung Galaxy S9 manually to GSM as follows: Opens the App menu and there the Android system settings. From here it continues on to "Connections" and "Mobile Networks". In this submenu you can now see "Network Mode". Selects the entry.

A menu appears in which various options or connection modes can be selected. Now select "Only 2G"! Was it possible to establish a connection with this tip?

If not, then you should use the next tip if possible:

Change location

Since there is very probably a malfunction with the mobile phone antenna of the provider, you should try to change the location. As a result, the smartphone logs on to the next network cell, which hopefully will not experience any interference.  

Mobile network provider has a network fault

If there is a widespread fault from the provider, you can unfortunately do nothing at all, but just wait until the provider has solved the problem.

Usually this happens within 4-24 hours depending on the size of the problem in the network.

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