Samsung Galaxy S9 Notification LED stops flashing – Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is equipped with a notification LED. This will notify you when a new notification, such as from WhatsApp, email, Facebook, etc. has been received. A very useful function as we find.

Now you might notice that it doesn't work anymore. Usually the cause is simple:

The corresponding setting has been deactivated. Therefore, first check if the notification LED was deactivated by mistake in the Android settings-

Samsung Galaxy S9 Activate Notification LED

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

First open the App menu on your smartphone and then the settings. Continue to "Display". In the next submenu you will see the option: LED display Here the controller must be set to "active". If that's the case, it's not that attitude. Continue with the next possible cause:

Samsung Galaxy S9 does not blink - Disable Ultra power save mode

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 has the power save mode set to "MAX", the LED may stop blinking when new messages are received. Set the energy saving mode to "Medium" or "Off".

If that didn't help either, we recommend that you restart your smartphone first. If that didn't work, please do a wipe cache partition.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - Perform Wipe Cache Partition

 This will not delete any data from you! Only old temporary system files are cleared from the cache. However, they are often responsible for a software error in Android.

We hope that one of the tips has helped you solve the problem with the non-flashing notification LED on your smartphone. If you have found another solution, please let us know in the comments =)


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