Samsung Galaxy S9 Prevent Android Update - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S9 receives from time to time Android firmware updates, which make new functions available on your smartphone, but sometimes also remove old functions.

This can be very annoying, especially if it's a function that you often use. If you decide not to install such Android updates automatically anymore, you will want to know for sure where you can deactivate the Android firmware updates on the Samsung Galaxy S9. We would like to explain this in more detail in this article:

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Start from the Homescreen and open the settings

2. Navigate to "Software Update" and select the entry

3. Now deactivate the "Automatic Updates" option

You now know how to deactivate the automatic firmware updates on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

This way you should no longer run the risk of installing a firmware update from Android on your Samsung Galaxy S9 without explicitly downloading it.


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