Samsung Galaxy S9 Remove Account - Solved

On the Samsung Galaxy S9 various accounts can be added by the user and of course removed again. Such an account can be for example:

Google account, Samsung account, WhatsApp account and many more.

If you now want to remove an existing account from the settings, then you must now proceed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 as follows in the Android settings:

Delete an existing Google, Samsung, Facebook, etc. account

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

1. Open the settings

2. Navigate to "Accounts"

3. Select the Samsung account

4. In the next Android submenu tap the "More" button or the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner.

5. In the pop-up menu that now opens, you will find the "Remove account" button - select this and you have now successfully removed the account you selected.

You now know the procedure to remove an existing or already added account under Android.


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