Samsung Galaxy S9 Reset to factory defaults - Solved!

It is possible to reset the Samsung Galaxy S9 to factory settings. This is required when serious problems and errors occur or when the device is sold. A factory reset deletes all data on the smartphone and reinstalls Android.

If you would like to do just that, this article will show you the easy way to reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.

We recommend backing up all important files before you decide to reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, so that no valuable data such as pictures, videos etc. get lost.

You can back up the data on your phone by simply going to Settings and selecting the Backup and Reset option.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Factory reset - Instructions

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

Variant 1: Reset the Samsung Galaxy S9 to factory settings via Android

Navigate there to: "General administration" and then to "Reset"

Select "Reset to factory settings".

Follow the Android Assistant for resetting Samsung Galaxy S9

Variant 2: Reset the Samsung Galaxy S9 using Hard-Reset and Recovery Menu

Starts the device with the following key combination (press and hold simultaneously):

  • Power On/ OFF
  • Volume loud
  • Bixby button

When the device is started and an Android male appears on the display, release the Power On/Off button, but keep the other two buttons from the key combination pressed.

After about 15 seconds the recovery menu of your Samsung Galaxy S9 will be displayed. Use the Volume buttons to scroll down or up.

Use the Power On/Off button to perform your actions. Now mark the entry "Wipe Data/ Factory Reset".

This corresponds to resetting the Samsung Galaxy S9 to factory defaults. All your data will be lost irretrievably!

Confirm the process by selecting the appropriate entry. You now know for your Samsung Galaxy S9 the possibility of factory reset and hard reset.

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