Samsung Galaxy S9 Setting up Intelligent Scan

The Samsung Galaxy S9 uses the integrated iris scanner and the front camera for intelligent scanning. By combining the two methods, this variant of the telephone lock should be even safer.

However, the Intelligent Scan may not work correctly on your Samsung Galaxy S9 because your face is not recognized correctly. So that you do not have to live with it, we have summarized a few tips for you here, which should help you to use the intelligent scan of the Samsung Galaxy S9 sensibly.

Therefore you have to restart the setup wizard of the Intelligent Scan again and pay attention to the following requirements:

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Ambient light should be bright and your face well lit

2. If you wear glasses, take off your glasses (the same applies to contact lenses)

3. If you meet these requirements, your Samsung Galaxy S9 can scan you exactly, so that the unblocking by the Intelligent Scan works perfectly afterwards


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