Samsung Galaxy S9 Show App menu icon on home screen

If you switch from an older Samsung model to the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 plus, you might want to take a look at the App menu icon on your home screen. With this icon you could quickly and easily display all the apps that are currently installed on the device. On the Samsung Galaxy S9 you now have to flick up from bottom to top on the start screen.

If you want to have the good old app icon back, you can reactivate it. This works on the Samsung Galaxy S9 under Android as follows:

Show the App icon on the Home screen in the App Drawer

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Opens the Preferences menu and the menu item "Display".
2. Now navigate to "Start screen" and continue to "App button".
3. Now select "Show App Button" to bring up the Start Screen icon menu again.

You now know how to display the App icon on the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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