Samsung Galaxy S9 Use GPS only for location search – Solved

You can use the Samsung Galaxy S9 to determine your location. It is possible to use the integrated GPS module, the mobile data connection or the W-Lan. The highest accuracy is achieved by leaving all three options activated.

Or you may just want to use the GPS module to determine your position. If so, then we would like to explain here exactly which settings you have to set within Android:

Use GPS only to determine your own location

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Start from your home screen and open app menu

2. Go to the settings icon

3. Select the following submenu: Connections --> Location --> Search method

4. In this submenu you can now select "Phone only". Ready!

With this setting only the GPS receiver module of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is used from now on. This means that the location can sometimes take a little longer, but you are not dependent on the mobile data connection or a W-Lan network.

Tip: Use the GPS Test app to see how many satellites you are currently connected to


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