Samsung Galaxy S9 Vibrates when lifting

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has several sensors built in, which are then used for functions that should make the everyday life of the user easier. This also includes "Smart Alert". This extended function has the following feature:

If you lift the Samsung Galaxy S9 from an area and you have unread notifications on the device, then the device vibrates briefly.

If you do not want to do this and switch off the function, we have described how to do this exactly:

Deactivate Smart Alert on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open the App menu from the start screen and then the settings

2. Continue to "Advanced functions"

3. In this submenu you will find "Smart Alert" - Select the entry from

4. You can now deactivate the option with the slider Afterwards your Samsung Galaxy S9 will no longer vibrate when you remove the Samsung Galaxy S9 from an area like a table or similar.


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