Samsung Galaxy S9 Wipe contact for call or message

The Samsung Galaxy S9 offers several useful or even impractical functions, which often have to be activated first. This also includes the feature that you can call a contact directly or write a message by swipe to the left or right via a contact.

This must be activated for the contacts app on the Samsung Galaxy S9, however, first. This works in the following Android submenu: Opens the settings from the start screen and then:

Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Advanced functions --> Delete for call/messages

Activate this option on the Samsung Galaxy S9 by setting the slider to "On".

You can now make a call or send a message if you cross "Phone" or "Contacts" on a contact or phone number in the app to the right or left.

If you prefer to deactivate the function again, move the slider to "Off". Done.


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