Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 landscape format no longer available - Solution

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 can be used well in landscape format. Thus, the display is wider and the displayed content can be displayed in landscape format. Now pull down the status bar and you will see the "Rotate screen" function toggle "Landscape". Perhaps now you despair of getting Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 back into portraiture mode.

Admittedly, this is also a bit complicated with the tab solved, but we will help you!

To switch the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 from landscape mode back to portrait mode, proceed as follows:

  1. Pull down the status bar and activate the "Rotate screen" function by tapping on "Landscape" - the screen will now adjust as you hold the tab.

Important! You no longer have to hold the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 crosswise, but upright.

  1. Pull down the status bar and activate the "Portrait mode“ by tapping "Rotate screen".
  2. Pull down the status bar, you should now be able to see "Portrait

So the trick is to hold the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 exactly as you want the screen content fictured. Then change the function via the status bar, done.


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