Samsung Gear S3 How to take a Screenshot - Instructions

If you want to take a screenshot with the Samsung Gear S3, also known as a screenshot, in which the displayed screen content is saved, then this works a bit differently than with a smartphone.

We have summarized a detailed guide for taking the screenshot and transferring it to the paired smartphone for you here:

Screenshot Key combination Samsung Gear S3

You can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the following key and executing the wipe movement:

  • Press the Home button
  • Wipe from left to right

How to send screenshot to paired smartphone or tablet

To do this, follow the steps in the order below:

1. Open the menu on the Samsung Gear S3

2. Select the Gallery app

3. Open the screenshot you want to transfer to the smartphone

4. Select the three-point icon

5. Touch "Send"

There should now be a direct notification of the screenshot transfer to the paired smartphone.

You now know how to take a screenshot with the Samsung Gear S3 and transfer it to the paired smartphone.

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