Samsung Gear S3 Message "Check your phone"

The Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 can give you different messages on the display. These include, for example, the message "Check your phone". This message can be displayed for WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

If this is the case for you overnight, then this usually has to do with an update of the corresponding app on your paired smartphone. So it can be that WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook have been updated to a new version.

This is no longer compatible with the app installed on the Samsung Gear S3. Therefore the message "Check your phone" will appear.

Usually the following will help:

Uninstall app updates on the paired smartphone

Proceed as follows: Open the following submenu on your smartphone:

  • App Menu --> Settings --> Apps

In the list, search for the affected app, for example "WhatsApp" - Select the entry

It now opens the App Info - Select "Uninstall App Updates" here.

Usually you can find it via the three-point symbol in the upper right corner. (Different depending on Android device)

Afterwards you have installed an older version of the app on your smartphone. This should now work with the Gear S3 as usual.

Please also remember to deactivate the automatic app updates via the Google Play Store, otherwise the latest version will be installed immediately! If this didn't help, just install an older version of the app via APK-Mirror:

  • APK Mirror

"Check your phone" should no longer occur on your Samsung Gear S3 now. You now have to wait until this problem is fixed in the newer version.

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