Samsung Gear VR Problem when uncoupling the AR glasses

If you use the Augmented Reality glasses "Samsung Gear VR", you may experience problems when uncoupling the glasses from the smartphone. To be more precise, the error message is: "Problem disconnecting the gear VR".

This message may be displayed every time you see it.

If this is the case, it can help if you do the following workaround on the connected smartphone:

Delete data and cache of the "Gear VR Service" app

The above mentioned problem is often solved by deleting the data and cache of the following system app. This works under Android on most Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are compatible with AR glasses as follows:

1. Open the settings of the Android system

2. Navigate to "Apps"

3. Search for "Gear VR Service" and select the entry

4. Go to "Memory" and you will see the following two buttons: Delete data Clear cache

5. Touch the two buttons and then restart the smartphone

Now the error should no longer occur when disconnecting the Samsung Gear VR. If it does, then you can only deactivate the notification to no longer display this error message.

Proceed as follows to do this: If the error message "Problem disconnecting the gear VR" appears, the status bar is pulled down and the finger is pressed once for a long time on the message.

Now the notification card of the Oculus service is displayed, where you can deactivate the "Notifications" with a slider.

We hope that with these two tips you were able to solve the problem with the error message when disconnecting the Samsung Gear VR. Maybe Samsung will solve this problem with a new update.


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