TomTom Navi Firmware Update - Instructions

If you have a TomTom Navi from the series Via or Go, you might want to update the firmware for this. To do this, you must connect the navigation device to a computer and update the device accordingly. We would like to tell you more about how this works in detail:

It is best to update the TomTom Navi software using MyDrive Connect (device must be supported):

First, download the MyDrive Connect software and install it on your PC.

  • Download MyDrive Connect
  1. If not already done, create an Acoount. This is necessary for the update.
  2. Connect your TomTom navigation system to the PC
  3. The just installed software should now automatically detect the navigation system

Now navigate in the MyDrive Connect software to "My Content" and then to "Update".

If available, the latest software for the TomTom Navi will now be installed via MyDrive Connect.

You have just successfully installed a firmware update on the TomTom Navi and are therefore up to date.



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