Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as a Flashlight - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a LED camera flash on the back. This is actually used to illuminate the surroundings of a photo. However, it can also be used as a flashlight. You don't need an additional app for this, but the note 8 brings the right tool with it. How to use the torch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is explained here:

Flashlight via status bar

Drag the status bar of Note 8 from the top of the screen with two fingers. You will now see a "Toggle" with the inscription "Flashlight". Touch it and the camera LED light will turn on. Tap it again and the flashlight will go out.

 Flashlight over the sidebar

Drag the sidebar from the right side of the screen and switch to the Quick Tools module. (This must of course have been activated before). Here you can now switch to the torch symbol at the bottom right and activate it by pressing the LED button. The handy feature of this flashlight version compared to the status bar is that you can adjust the brightness of the flashlight. The Plus and Minus buttons can be used to control the luminous intensity of the LED luminaire. It is also possible to send an SOS Morse code automatically. Should you really get into an emergency situation come up a useful feature.

 You now know how to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera LED flash as a flashlight.

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