Water in your ear? How do I get it out - Tip

Especially in summer you are often swimming at a lake, a river or in an outdoor pool and often have your head under water. Some water then flows into the ear and, depending on the anatomy, it remains there even after bathing.

This can be very annoying, because you can only hear dull. But getting the water out of your ear is not that easy. Therefore you may ask yourself the question:

How do I get water out of my ear after bathing?

  1. Stand straight
  2. Tilt your head in the direction where water is in the ear (to the right or to the left)
  3. Start jumping slowly

After a few "jumps, notice how the water slowly moves in the direction of the ear outlet.

Keep jumping until the water has flowed out of the ear. If you are in pain, you should stop immediately and consult a doctor.

This method almost always works when water remains in the ear and is not harmful.


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