What means "held by customs" package from abroad

Anyone who likes to shop at Gearbest or Alibaba may see the following remark when tracking DHL, Fedex and UPS etc.:"Held by Customs". What does this shipping status mean you will most likely ask yourself? This is exactly what we would like to explain to you here:

The shipping status "Held by Customs" means that your shipment has got stuck in customs. The cause of this can vary. The following are possible:

  • The goods are not permitted in your country.
  • The customs documents accompanying the consignment are not correct.
  • Customs duties still have to be charged - Investigations are necessary
  • General enquiries must be made regarding the product type.

Regardless of the cause of the status held by customs, for you this means in any case that you have to be prepared for a longer waiting period. The inspection of your goods can take several weeks!

You now know what the status "held by customs" means when shipping.



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